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Real OCR in AU3 - in a few lines.


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ptrex seriously, this is very simple and it is OCR that you can rely on.
I used to use Tesseract but after trying modi...

Thanks for sharing this.

Edit: BTW Modi is not included in MS Office Professional Plus 2010.
You will have to install Ms office sharepoint designer 2007 and then enable to run all from your computer to be able to run the codes in this thread.

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hi, just wanna say this is a great  script you have posted and altough it was posted some time ago it still helped greatly in a project i had recently.

just wanted to add a small remark...

the last section of the code...

For $oWord in $miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Words

    $str = $str & $oWord.text & @CrLf 

     ConsoleWrite($oWord.text & @CRLF)

    $sArray [$i] = $oWord.text 

    $i += 1


_ArrayDisplay($sArray,"OCR Result")

Can be replaced with a much simpler

MsgBox("","OCR Result",$miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Text)

that could also be used if your code is used inside a function as

return $miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Text


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