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How to repeat keystrokes

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Dear people,

first of all if this topic is a repost, i appoligize for it.

As the header of the topic is sitating, i am looking for help how to repeat keystroke's multiple time's. I have looked in the Help-Guide of the program it self, but i couldn't get it to work. i hope someone could help me with it.

When i open a text-writing program, such as: Word,Notepad,etc. i would like the following command thats written down to reapet e.a. 100x. usually when i execute now, it only works 1 time, but i can copy it 100x and paste it in the script, so it will also type 100x the woord hi and hello as a result the script gets longer and also in the size its get bigger but is there a way to make it simpler with a command so it can reapet its self like e.a. Send("Hi Hello")[what command to reapeat 100x]. so when i execute the file, the woord HI Hello should type down 100x times on the text writing program.






Send("Hi Hello")..................... <------ what command to repeat for 100x, 1000x, 10000x, ..... ?

basically i would like the script to reapeat X times, witthout making the script anylonger.

Hope u people could help me.

Witth kind regards,


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What you want is a For/Next loop. Check out the example thats in the helpfile

For $i = 5 to 1 Step -1
    MsgBox(0, "Count down!", $i)
MsgBox(0,"", "Blast Off!")

You would want to replace $i = 5 with whatever number you want it to repeat till, and replace Step -1 with Step 1 (so its counting up not down).

Doh! beat by Valuater

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While ProcessExists('Andrews bad day.exe')

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Dear Valuater & someone,

Thank u for ur replay's :) that only took 3 minuts, wow thats fast lol.

With kind regards,


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