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Fix Number output to from 0 to 0.00 ?

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I tried many searches for format number, fix number, set, round, etc.....

I have a number lets say "0" and instead of showing as "0" when output i want it to be "0.00" or instead of .1 - 0.10 ?

Thanks in advance.....

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I am not entirely sure on this, but i think StringFormat() is what you are looking for..

eg, for 2 decimal places:

$no = 5.1

$string = StringFormat("$no = %.2f", $no)
msgbox(0, "", $string)



Heh, thank you, I figured it would not be to difficult, it was just a matter of finding the proper format. I ended up using.

$Variable = .1

StringFormat(" %.2f ", $Variable)

output was 0.10

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