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FileDelete() not deleting all files

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I have a loop that runs a dos command and then a fileDelete() to delete the file that was copied to the script dir. It will delete one file but once it loops again it one delete the next.

Heres my code:

For $i = 1 To UBound($bkSrcz)-1 Step 1; Loop to backup user selected files.
            For $o = 1 To UBound ($bkSrcz)-1 Step 1; Loop to copy all files before Compressing
                FileCopy($bkSrcz[$o], @ScriptDir); Get a copy of the file to backup into the scriptdir.
            Next; End the For Loop and continue script.
            FileChangeDir(@ScriptDir); Change our working directory back to @ScriptDir.
            Sleep(1000); Wait 1 second.
            $path = _PathSplit($bkSrcz[$i], $Drive, $Dir, $FName, $Ext); Split the path of $bkSrcz because we moved it to our working directory.
            $path2 = $Fname & $Ext; Set the File name and extension from the split path as $path2
            ProgressSet($progBar * $i, "Compressing... " & $bkSrcz[$i], "Copying User Selected Files"); Advance the Progress Bar
            _RunDOS('7za a -y MbkupBackup.7z "' & $path2 & '"'); Compress selected file(s).
            FileDelete($path2); Delete the copyied file after compressing.
        Next; End the For Loop and continue script.

EDIT: Nevermind, it works after removing the Second For loop

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