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Tray Functions

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Ive created a script that runs a rather long funtion in it, i wanted to have 2 options in the tray menue, 1 to break out of the loop of the function and another option to restart the function from the begining

the said function runs by default when the script is executed and the menu item i created to break the loop and return to a higher level loop works fine, BUT when i call the said function FROM the tray then no other tray function will work until the originaly called function is complete.

is this just a limit of autoit? or somthing i may be doing wrong?

thanks for any help!


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Hmm, code sample would help... but here is what i would do to achieve the same thing you are trying to do:

Start the function when the script is run

allow stop via a keypress

allow start from a keypress again.

Global $i = 1

HotKeySet ( "r", "_Start" )
HotKeySet ( "s" ,"_Stop" )

While 1
if $i = 1 THEN _MyFunc()

Func _MyFunc()
    MsgBox(0, "my func", "MyFunc started")
While $i = 1
    MsgBox(0, "my func", "MyFunc stopped")

Func _Start()
    MsgBox(0, "start", "start")
$i = 1

Func _Stop()
    MsgBox(0, "stop", "stop")
$i = 2

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