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_FileReadToArray Bugged?

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Hey guys been trying to debug this for abit and am at a deadend

This Function is alittle ugly now because of my "attempts" at trying to debug the problem. Im going to leave it in its Messy Form but its sitll not bad.

Func ReadFile()

Dim $FileData =0

$File = 0

$File = FileOpenDialog ( "Please Select The File", "c:", "Text files (*.txt)")

_FileReadToArray ( $File, $FileData )

Return $FileData


Ok so the "Problem" After i have ran this function. When i run it a second time as i Traverse through Folders in the FileOpenDialog when i reach the Folder Area containing the Previous Read File and the mouse is held still for a second or 2 <Thus loading the folder info dilly> BOOM win32 Exception fault program crashes.

Some enteresting tests.

If u click inside of the folder very fast so that it does not load the little "info box" it does not crash and works fine from there on out.

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If you do the file name directly without FileOpenDialog are you getting the exception?

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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

ok thank you for the Forward however i cant tell all ym users they need to do...

If you turn off Pop-up descriptions you will be fine. It's a bug in XP that also happens with many other programs.

Open a folder and go Tools/Folder options

Select the View tab

Scroll down to near the bottom and untick "show pop-up description for Folder and desktop items"


P.S.S. im not done reading if i find another solution ill delete this reply

Well Enteresting Bug guess im outa luck for now thnx again for the Forward ill wait for windows to make a fix i guess ^.^

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