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Great math mind reader

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MsgBox(0,"Math Trick Step 1", "Think of a four digit number.(it can't be all the same digits)")
MsgBox(0,"Math Trick Step 2", "Now Rearrange that number to make a different number.(If you can't start again)")
MsgBox(0,"Math Trick Step 3", "Now subtract the smaller of the two numbers from the larger number.")
MsgBox(0,"Math Trick Step 4", "Now circle one of the numbers in your answer. Do not circle a zero because it is already a circle.")
MsgBox(0,"Math Trick Step 5", "Now remove the circled digit from your number.")
$number1=Inputbox("Math Trick Step 6", "Please type in your first leftover digit.")
$number2=Inputbox("Math Trick Step 7", "Please type in your second leftover digit.")
$number3=Inputbox("Math Trick Step 8", "Please type in your third leftover digit.(leave blank if there was no third digit)")
Send("The number you circled was:")
$var=$number1+ $number2+ $number3
IF $var=9 or $var = 18 or $var = 27 Then
ElseIf $var<9 Then
ElseIF $var<18 Then
ElseIF $var<27 Then

Have fun fool your friends

Fool yourself if you dont read script and figure out how the trick works.

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i can't understand this

my English isn't very good

can you please run through this little game of yours as example

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Cool Man


I Choose 5421

Now I Mess It Up 4125

Sub It 5421 - 4125 = 1296

Now I Take One Out 126

I Type In 1 Then 2 Then 6

Now It Tell My The 9 Number

It seems amazing at first that this works. If anyone wants to understand it and can't then I can explain it.

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