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Not possible to pass var to function using HotKeySet?

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Doing this is giving me a syntax error on compile;


Can I not pass a var to ButtonEventHandler using HotKeySet? Is there a work-around for this?


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The only way that you can do it is by calling a function within a function.




Func ButtonEvent()

Note: Be sure to declare the var you going to use as GLOBAL

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Not possible to pass var to function using HotKeySet?

Nope. But it all depends what you want to do.

In my case, I use hotkeys to set a variable named $Hotkey and $Hotkey is evaluated at different points parts in the program like so:

If $Hotkey Then ConsoleWrite("Number "&$Hotkey&" is the winner!")

And here's some typical code to setup the hotkeys ... read the comments!

Func Set_HOTKEY()
For $i = 1 to 8; Keys 1 to 8 on the keyboard
  HotKeySet($i,"Def_HOTKEY"); Notice all point to the same function - There's a trick!

Func Def_HOTKEY()
If @HotKeyPressed > 0 And @HotKeyPressed < 9 Then; @HotKeyPressed can be used to set a variable
  $Hotkey = @HotKeyPressed; In this case the variable is the hotkey pressed. You could use switch
Else; and set up different variables/functions depending on what you want to do and what key is
  $Hotkey = 0; pressed ... 
EndIf; The check on the first line is superfluous but you never know;)

Don't forget to set Global $Hotkey at the top of your program!

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