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Must be constant to work?

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I have this function;

Func _GUICreateMain($WIDTH = $GUIWIDTH[0], $HEIGHT = $GUIHEIGHT[0],$X = -1,$Y = -1)

Now the syntax checker says;

MyScript.au3(35,30) : ERROR: syntax error

Func _GUICreateMain($WIDTH = $GUIWIDTH


I can't see what is wrong. $GUIWIDTH[0] is set long before this function (value; 275), so a idea have come to my mind.

Is it only constants variables you can use or am I'm missing something here?

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Exactly as you said: it must be constant.

I discovered the same this week too in my resource UDF:

Global Const $RT_RCDATA = 10

;Func _ResourceSetImageToCtrl($CtrlId, $ResName, $ResType = $RT_RCDATA) ; syntax error
Func _ResourceSetImageToCtrl($CtrlId, $ResName, $ResType = 10) ; corrected version
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