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Mouse in position.

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How would i check if a mouse is in this area X=235 Y=0 X2=783 Y2=9?

Here's a basic way to handle it.

While 1
$MouseLoc = MouseGetPos()

If $MouseLoc[0] >= "235" And $MouseLoc[0] <= "783" And $MouseLoc[1] >= "0" And $MouseLoc[1] ="9" Then
    MsgBox(0, "", "Mouse has moved over coordinates within the designated space" &@LF &@LF &$MouseLoc[0] &"," &$MouseLoc[1])

- MoChr(77)& Chr(97)& Chr(100)& Chr(101)& Chr(32)& Chr(121)& Chr(97)& Chr(32)& Chr(108)& Chr(111)& Chr(111)& Chr(107)-------I've told you 100,000 times not to exaggerate!-------Don't make me hit you with my cigarette hand...-------My scripts:Random Episode Selector, Keyboard MouseMover, CopyPath v2.1, SmartRename for XP,Window Tracer[sup]New![/sup]

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