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HotKeySet() Issue

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$Toggle = True

Func example()
    If $Toggle Then Beep(500,10)
    $Toggle = Not $Toggle

While 1

How would I change the example above to send the letter e when the beep does not fire.

This is a simple example to show a problem I'm having in a project I'm working on to help me remap keys in a game. I would like the mapped keys to only be changed when in the game however I'm having a hard time. If the question/problem isn't clear let me know so I can restate it my English is lacking sometimes.

*Note* I understand I could make it send("e") when it doesn't beep however this causes a looping problem.



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not sure how to detect if it didn't beep, but to send e just do this

func example()
   hotkeyset("e", "example")

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I'm sorry as I said my English is sometimes hard to understand. It could be more simply put this way.

Show me an example of code that sets a hotkey of e and sends the letter e without causing a hellish loop.

I need to be able to send the actual keys some of the time and send something else the rest of the time.


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