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IF Statment Question

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Hello Everyone,

What may be a simple If Statement question...

Can we use 'and' in an if statement in AutoIt?

For example

if $A =1 and $B = 1 and $C = 1 then
;do what ya want
;do something else

I'd rather not do nested if statements if i can avoid it.

Thanks in advance!

Are you working in SciTE? That makes it easy to just try something like that to see if it works... but yes, you can use both "AND" and "OR" in your conditional statements.


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Yes and you can mix it up using AND and OR in your statements.

If $a == 1 And $b == 3 Or $a == 2 Or $c == 15 Then
   ;; do something
   ;; do something else

Edit: Opps, PsaltyDS posted just before I submitted this. And the yeas have it.

Edited by ssubirias3

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Yes, I am working in SciTE...

Looks to be a syntax issue. I think I have it worked out. In short I am validating the value of an input field. The value is being returned as "4104" verses NULL when a value has not been entered. Any idea why?

I think you need to show us some of the code.

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Ok sorry about the confusion. I've got it worked out. I was attempting to validate the value of the input control variable and not the GUICtrlRead(of that input control)

if GUICtrlRead($DBInput) <> "" and GUICtrlRead($UserInput) <> "" and GUICtrlRead($PassInput) <> "" Then 
     msgbox(48,"Error","You must enter all fields to continue!")

Originally I was attempting to validate the value of $DBInput and not GUICtrlRead($DBInput)

Thanks again for your assistance!

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