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Compare IPaddresses

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where is the problem? Just compare the numbers.

So long,


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I guess I can do single IP's but wasn't sure how to do a range if it was possible.

im doing the exact same thing.

without giving you my source (which is being used in a bigger project), the way i went about it was;

1) split @ipaddress1 into four different variables (i put them into an array)

you can do this with a for..then loop and stringmid()

2) big 'if..then' or 'case..select' blocks to determine where the user is running the program from


if $octetarray[0]="10" then

if $octetarray[1]="56" then

if $octetarray[2]="62" then $location = "... Area Office"

and for subnetting where more than one network is on the one c class (ie. network 1 is, network 2 is

if $octetarray[3]=>96 AND $octetarray[3]=<126 then $location="... District"

if $octetarray[3]=>160 AND $octetarray[3]=<174 then $location="... Campus"

hope this helps..

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