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ClientToScreen not needed if you can get control handle

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Not sure if this is the right place, but here it goes.

In the help file example for GUICtrlCreateContextMenu, the second example makes use of a function ClientToScreen(), this takes the coords of a control within a parent window and figures out where the exact coords are on the screen.

But you could accomplish the same results by using WinGetPos on the control's handle.

Func _ControlGetScreenPos($hWnd, $sText, $iCtrl)
    Local $hCtrl = ControlGetHandle($hWnd, $sText, $iCtrl)
    Return WinGetPos($hCtrl)

WinWait('Untitled - Notepad')

$aClient = ControlGetPos('Untitled', '', 'Edit1')
$aScreen = _ControlGetScreenPos('Untitled', '', 'Edit1')

MsgBox(0, 'Coords of Edit control', 'Client: ' & $aClient[0] & 'x' & $aClient[1] & @LF & _
    'Screen: ' & $aScreen[0] & 'x' & $aScreen[1])oÝ÷ Ø׶¡wb*.ßÚÞ$x¢¶§ëh"×+y«^uÊ'¶º%ßۢݲ+wöǯzw²'«jëh×6GUICreate('', 200, 200)
$bt = GUICtrlCreateButton('Hello', 50, 50, 100, 100)

$hCtrl = GUICtrlGetHandle($bt)
$aPos = WinGetPos($hCtrl)

MsgBox(0, 'Coords', $aPos[0] & 'x' & $aPos[1])

Well, I thought it was neat anyway.

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