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open text document and..

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hey, anyway i can use maybe fileread to open a text document and get some info from there and then paste it somewhere else? like maybe if there are multiple lines of code so it will try line 1, then line 2 ETC.

(not for a keylogger no worries :-P )

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FileRead or FileReadLine



Look at




Or just


Common sense plays a role in the basics of understanding AutoIt... If you're lacking in that, do us all a favor, and step away from the computer.

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Yes, here is the example for FileReadLine() in the help file:

$file = FileOpen("test.txt", 0)

; Check if file opened for reading OK
If $file = -1 Then
    MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")

; Read in lines of text until the EOF is reached
While 1
    $line = FileReadLine($file)
    If @error = -1 Then ExitLoop
    MsgBox(0, "Line read:", $line)


Then look at Send() or ControlSend() or ControlSetText() to place the read text into some sort of edit control. If you want more help, please post the code you have so far. We aren't going to to spend time doing something for you that you yourself wouldn't even spend time doing. More than willing to push you in the right direction though.

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