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Prevent key notification / Cancel key down message

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*Edit: The topic description is now the title of a topic on another forum I found while Googling for info for this, unfortunately he didn't get any responses.

Okay, so here goes, I'm wondering if there's some way (via DllCall maybe?) that I can cancel the notification from being received from a key... confused? I'll use an example of what I want to do.

I'm trying to setup something like a HotKey, except I guess you'd call it more of a HotClick. I want to rig up an action to Win+LeftClick, and using IsPressed I have the basics figured out.

The (probably obvious) problems I have are:

1) The left click still hits whatever window I'm clicking on, and does the default left click action.

2) When I release the Windows key, the Start Menu pops up.

Some simple code:

#include <Misc.au3>

HotKeySet('{esc}', '_exit')

While 1
    If _IsPressed('01') and _IsPressed('5B') Then
        ; CancelKey('01') ??
        ; CancelKey(5B') ??
        MsgBox(64, 'Win+Click', 'Yay, successful.')

Func _exit()

Now if I'm in, for example, a paint window, and I hold Windows key and left click, the msgbox does appear, but I've already drawn on the window, and like I said above, when I release the Windows key, the Start Menu appears. I'm wondering if there's anything like the comments in the script above that I can utilize. I just figure that when you use HotKeySet whatever keys you get don't get through anymore, they're totally captured, like if you HotKeySet('a', 'bleh') then you're not typing the A key anymore. So I'm guessing (hoping) that there's some function in use there that keeps the key from getting past that capture point.

Thanks for reading.

*Edit: Forgot a whole sentence...

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Guess nobody has any ideas, eh? Ah well, only gonna bump this once.

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