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Array sort in scriptcontrol8-10x faster than _arraySort on 1D.

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I have the 1D sort working, and it is 8-10x faster than _arraySort on 1D. [ ** Numeric and case-sensitive only at present.....], and reported slower than Clib sort if long strings...

The 2D is a lot slower than my vbs sort routine (already 6x faster than _ArraySort); unless there is a way I don't know; looks like jscript does not use same fast sort for 2D (its 2D arrays are arrays of single arrays essentially! - I think!)

Best, randall

; jscript3.au3
#Include <Array.au3>
Global $arr1D = StringSplit("19274948","")
_ArrayDisplay($arr1D,"$arr1D unsorted")
Global $arr2D[6][4] = [["a0", "b3", "c9", "1"], ["a0", "b1", "c3", "11"], ["a0", "b2", "c2", "3"], ["a0", "b0", "c8", "0"], ["a4", "b4", "c7", "5"], ["a5", "5", "5", "4"]]
_ArrayDisplay($arr2D,"$arr2D unsorted")
_ArrayDisplay($arr1D,"$arr1D sorted")
_ArrayDisplay($arr2D,"$arr2D sorted")
Func _JSort1D(ByRef $arEither2D1D)
    Local $code = '   function SortArray(arrArray) {'
    $code &= @LF & '            return arrArray.toArray().sort().join("|");'
    $code &= @LF & '        }'
    Local $jvs = ObjCreate("ScriptControl")
    $jvs.language = "jscript"
    $jvs.Timeout = -1
    $jvs.addcode ($code)
;~  FileWrite(@ScriptDir & "\subsortIntroau3a.jvs", $code)
    Local $arEither2D1DSt = $jvs.Run("SortArray", $arEither2D1D);, $iIndex, $icase)
    $arEither2D1D = StringSplit($arEither2D1DSt, "|")
    $jvs = ""
EndFunc   ;==>_JSort1D
; Edited by randallc

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Nutster has a good review of programming in a series of functions in a new thread;

Sorting Functions

I have moved my extra sort tests here from there, and used some of his funcs for comparison.

vbs sort specifically for numbers and case sensitive is probably better value overall for 1D. [strings case insensitive not tested yet, and will obviously be slower overall]

Best, Randall


Edited by randallc

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