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Get ridd of nasty spaces

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How do I change the third line in the code

so that I get ridd of thoose nasty spaces before

officexp.iso and 1.

Tried to put more spaces between 'miso.exe' & $Image', didnt work, tried added 'miso.exe' & ' ' & $Image.

Didn't work. Any idea?

$Image= ' OfficeXP.iso '
$Drivernumber= ' 1 '
$get = Run(@ScriptDir & '\' & 'miso.exe' & $Image & '-b' & $Drivernumber,"",$STDOUT_CHILD, @SW_HIDE)

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Sorry for my bad english, maybe hard to understand.

The thing is that the spaces in $Image= ' OfficeXP.iso ' is

needed in the third line. The dos command requier space between

miso.exe and OfficeXP.iso.

In my final script, there is no spaces before OfficeXP.iso, I just putted

them temporary to get the third line working.

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By convention, most people leave extra spaces, trailing slashes, etc. OFF of their variables and then include them in any assembled string as required:

$Image= 'OfficeXP.iso'
$Drivernumber= '1'
$get = Run(@ScriptDir & '\miso.exe ' & $Image & ' -b ' & $Drivernumber,"",$STDOUT_CHILD,@SW_HIDE)oÝ÷ ØÌ©z»(©i­çÞ­éÜz+-¡«,zfåzØ^²Ú⥪ڵérjëh×6$sExtCmd = @ScriptDir & '\miso.exe ' & $Image & ' -b ' & $Drivernumber
$get = Run($sExtCmd,"",$STDOUT_CHILD, @SW_HIDE)

That adds an extra line, but makes debugging and logging much easier because you can ConsoleWrite() or MsgBox() the string if you suspect it isn't coming out right.


Edit: Correcting typos, while working around the forum bug... :)

Edited by PsaltyDS

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Perhaps this may help. Use double quotes in case of spaces with in the path.

$Image = 'OfficeXP.iso'
$Drivernumber = '1'
$get = Run('"' & @ScriptDir & '\miso.exe" "' & $Image & '" -b ' & $Drivernumber, '', $STDOUT_CHILD, @SW_HIDE)


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