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I am trying to create a window that looks like this

Blah Blah Blah

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Like when a file is done installing with install shield. I want it to replace the MsgBox at the begining and end of this script. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


MsgBox (262208, "Active Control", "This will update Active Control to the newest version.  Press OK to continue", 10)
    _FileCopy("\\\Activecontrol\current\1.txt", "C:\program files\activecontrol\")
    _FileCopy("\\\Activecontrol\current\ActiveControl.mdb", "C:\program files\activecontrol\")
    _FileCopy("\\\Activecontrol\current\Control.ico", "C:\program files\activecontrol\")
    _FileCopy("\\\Activecontrol\current\Security.mdw", "C:\program files\activecontrol\")
MsgBox (262208, "Completed", "The Newest Version of Active Control is loaded.  Please press OK.")
Func _FileCopy($fromFile,$tofile, $fc_flag=272)
    $winShell = ObjCreate("shell.application")

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