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Screenshot Reading

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Hey guys,

I'm a tad new to autoit3, i've been learning and done a few quick login scripts with colors and timers. But now i'd like to make a bot for a game ( for educational purposes of course :) ).

To do this, i need to make it read a screenshot ( This one, and a few othersPosted Image, it is saved on my system as invalid.bmp.

Unfortunatly, i also need to make it so it looks for that in a certain location...and that would be approx. here on a 1024x768 screen.

Posted Image

And i can't find a tutorial ( Properly) to make it do this.

Also, i need to make it so if it doesn't find that screenshot on the screen, it goes to the next command...which should be something like turning around and moving the mouse a bit (Simple stuff).

I have no idea how to do either of those commands, so if you could, please tell me what they are! :)

Thanks in advance guys,


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I'm assuming your wanting to read the screen and not the bmp file. Look into PixelChecksum ,PixelGetColor, PixelSearch. That should get you started.

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i have seen ocr's for autoit and found a pretty good one and made a udf for it

EDIT: also to get the screen shot to ocr look up autolib and in there they have a bit of screencap functions.

#include <Array.au3>

; Function Name:    OCRImage($imagefile)
; Description:      Gets text out of an image.
; Parameter(s):     $imagefile - The file to ocr
; Requirement(s):   Office 2003 or above
; Return Value(s):  Returns a string of the words.
; Author(s):        ptrex, bam5
; http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/a...office.11).aspx

Func OCRImage($imagefile)
    Dim $miDoc, $Doc
    Dim $str
    Dim $oWord
    Dim $sArray[500]

    Const $miLANG_CZECH = 5
    Const $miLANG_DANISH = 6
    Const $miLANG_DUTCH = 19
    Const $miLANG_ENGLISH = 9
    Const $miLANG_FINNISH = 11
    Const $miLANG_FRENCH = 12
    Const $miLANG_GERMAN = 7
    Const $miLANG_GREEK = 8
    Const $miLANG_HUNGARIAN = 14
    Const $miLANG_ITALIAN = 16
    Const $miLANG_JAPANESE = 17
    Const $miLANG_KOREAN = 18
    Const $miLANG_NORWEGIAN = 20
    Const $miLANG_POLISH = 21
    Const $miLANG_PORTUGUESE = 22
    Const $miLANG_RUSSIAN = 25
    Const $miLANG_SPANISH = 10
    Const $miLANG_SWEDISH = 29
    Const $miLANG_TURKISH = 31
    Const $miLANG_SYSDEFAULT = 2048

    $miDoc = ObjCreate("MODI.Document")
    $miDocView = ObjCreate("MiDocViewer.MiDocView")

    $miDoc.Ocr($miLANG_ENGLISH, True, False)

    $i = 0

    For $oWord in $miDoc.Images(0).Layout.Words
        $str = $str & $oWord.text & ' '
        $sArray [$i] = $oWord.text
        $i = $i + 1

    Return $str

you need office 03 or above.

Edited by bam5

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To fully read the text an OCR would be required in some fashion. However if you just need to see if the that message appears in a certain area of the screen you can simply scan that area for a change in pixel color and or pattern using the pixel functions.

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For this i'll use a simpler picture, this one: Posted Image

If you're wondering, it's from Runescape.

The nearest font i can give it to is 'Fixedsys'. Though i'm not quite sure, it seems as though it's a 'not as bold' version of Fixesys.

Heres 'FixedSys' Posted Image

Size...mmmm....About 8.

And how do i make it look at that certain location on the screen? I've been looking everywhere! If one of you could please give me the command i'd be greatfull :).

And yes, all i need it to do is see if that picture is there on XX part of the screen, if it is, go onto specified command, if not, go onto specified command. I seriously need that command in general to surpass random events, i don't want it to pause every time i tell it to search for random events to wait for each of them.

Thanks for your help so far guys!

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I'm being annoying again.

Can anybody please help me with this? I've scoured google, yahoo, msn search for a tutorial on something like this, but i can't find...squat. I'm working on various bots for various games, this is the absolute only thing i need to complete most of my scripts. I'm also working on an autoit tutorial website ( Still under construction. If you want to check it out and maybe submit a tutorial message me), and an answer would be very helpful so i could also put it on there.

Thanks again.

EDIT: Just found a tutorial...it's LIKE what i need, the function PixelCheckSum ( Which was mentioned...) looks for a change in that area, the only problem for me is that there will be lots...and lots...of changes in that area, i need to look for a certain one.

( Tutorial: http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/f...xelChecksum.htm )

Edited by makeshift

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the PixelChecksum() function returns a value based on the pixels within the area you specify.

So you can search the area to the bottom of the screen when it says: You swing your pick at the rock, keep that value (an example: 1942411134).

Then you can check the area again, and if the checksum equals the previous value (in my example 1942411134), it should say: You swing your pick at the rock.

I'm not sure if this works, I will test it when I come home, but if I understand the function correctly, it should work.

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