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OK, Treeview one more time - but with an example

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#include <GuiConstants.au3>

#include <Array.au3>

#Include <GuiTreeView.au3>

#include <Date.au3>

Opt("GUIOnEventMode", 1)


global $test, $tree1, $branch1, $branch2, $leaf1, $leaf2, $leaf3, $leaf4, $leaf5, $leaf6, $count=0

$test = GUICreate("test window", 200, 200 )

GUISetOnEvent ($GUI_EVENT_CLOSE, "exiter")

$tree1 = GUICtrlCreateTreeView( 1, 1, 198, 198 )

$branch1 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Branch 1", $tree1 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($branch1, "branch" )

$leaf1 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Leaf 1a", $branch1 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($leaf1, "leafa" )

$leaf2 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Leaf 1b", $branch1 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($leaf2, "leafb" )

$branch2 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Branch 2", $tree1 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($branch2, "branch")

$leaf3 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Leaf 2a", $branch2 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent($leaf3, "leafa")

$leaf4 = GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem ( "Leaf 2b", $branch2 )

GUISetState (@SW_SHOW)

While 1=1

sleep (500)



func branch ()

MsgBox (1, "Parent CID is", _GUICtrlTreeViewGetParentID ($tree1, @GUI_CtrlId))


func leafa ()

MsgBox (1, "Parent CID of leaf typea is", _GUICtrlTreeViewGetParentID ($tree1, @GUI_CtrlId))


func leafb ()


Case $count = 0

$leaf5 = _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem ($tree1, "Leaf 1c",$branch1, $leaf2)

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $leaf5, "leafc" ) ;I know this won't work because $leaf5 is a handle and not a control ID

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $leaf4, "leafb" )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $leaf2, "" )

$count = $count +1

Case $count = 1

$leaf6 = _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem ($tree1, "Leaf 1c-1",$leaf5 )

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $leaf6, "leafc" )

$count = $count +1

MsgBox (1, "CID of leaf 1c is:", _GUICtrlTreeViewGetParentID ($tree1, $leaf6)) ;this should give me the CID of leaf 1c, but doesn't

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( _GUICtrlTreeViewGetParentID ($tree1, $leaf6), "leafc" ) ;this fails because I do not have a CID for leaf 1c

GUICtrlSetOnEvent ( $leaf2, "leafb" )


MsgBox (1, "Parent CID of leaf typeb is", _GUICtrlTreeViewGetParentID ($tree1, @GUI_CtrlId))


func leafc ()

msgbox (1, "leaf type c", @GUI_CtrlId)


func exiter ()



First things first, this is not a real smaple of how I code - it is just a quick throw together for this discussion's sake.

I have a problem ... I need to be able to dynamically create treeview items, and then be able to do something with them. I am using On-Event mode due to the number of elements that I am creating for this script (with treeviews, the number of elements gets very large quickly). In addititon, 1300 lines in is not a good place to try to make the change either. In the example script, you can click on just about anything, and something will happen, but, to test the behavior - click on leaf 1b to create leaf 1c and then click on leaf 2b to create leaf 1c-1 and pop up a message box with it's parent's contol ID (leaf 1c). The message box output indicates what I suspected - that the inserted treeview items do not have control ids. This makes trapping any event in which these new items are selected difficult to do. Any ideas are welcome.

Tom Brown

Anyone have a TRS 80 Model III for sale?

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This is what I used when I was dynamically creating the treeviewitems and it worked for me. Try it out.....Treeview Example (Thanx to MHz)

Thank you vey much for the response ... I had looked at your post before, but not really dug into the way your routine was working. There are several ideas that I may be able to use in the future; unfortunately, having checked it out, it doesn't seem to work with treeview items created with _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem.

I inserted the following two lines into your code as a test...

_GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem ($Treeview, "Leaf 1c",$Tree_Parent_Split[1]) below GUISetState() in the main routine

msgbox (1, "", $nCtrl&" "&$hItem&" "&$nItem) in the GetChilds function ... just below the call for GetItemID.

The output for the _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem item returns a ControlID of 0. My challenge is that I need to add items to a treeview, and then know when that item is selected so that I can update an associated display.

Anyone have a TRS 80 Model III for sale?

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Instead of using _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem, I would use GUICtrlCreateTreeViewItem.

But what about the limit with controls creating (Maximum number of GUI controls per window: 4096)?

Is someone manage to solve this issue? i wondering to, how we can set an event for item that created (inserted) with _GUICtrlTreeViewInsertItem() ?



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