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OK for fun

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My daughter thought it would be more fun to have it work when the mouse wasn't over it... so I tried it. Sometimes being goofy is fun lol.

;original by:
;post Oct 30 2006, 08:02 PM

;reworked by stampy for mouse over

$x = Run("notepad.exe")

$window = WinGetTitle('')
$window = WinGetHandle($window)

$magnitude = 1
$startpos = WinGetPos($window)


While 1
    $state = WinGetState("Untitled - Notepad", "")
    If $state = 0 Then 
        $WinPos = WinGetPos($window)
        $mousepos = MouseGetPos()
        If $mousepos[0] > $WinPos[0] And $mousepos[0] < $WinPos[0]+$WinPos[2]And $mousepos[1] > $WinPos[1] And $mousepos[1] < $WinPos[1]+$WinPos[3] Then
            WinMove($window, "", $startpos[0], $startpos[1])
            $WinPos[0] = $WinPos[0] + Random($magnitude*-1, $magnitude, 1)
            $WinPos[1] = $WinPos[1] + Random($magnitude*-1, $magnitude, 1)
            WinMove($window, "", $WinPos[0], $WinPos[1])

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lol this is varry cool... it will be a funny joke ill send to my little sister. its hacker ish....

instead of notepad why not just what ever window is active...

there should be a fun and jokes tab were people can put there funny little scripts

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