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Resize Tabs With Gui

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I'm trying to get the tabs to be resized with my gui

heres my script so far

#Include <Date.au3>
#include <GuiConstants.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

$Ini = @ScriptDir & "\Data\TWP.ini"
$SavedIni = @ScriptDir & "\Saved\Test.ud"
$Title = IniRead($Ini, "Information", "Title", "")
$Author = IniRead($Ini, "Information", "Author", "")
$Version = IniRead($Ini, "Information", "Version", "")
$GuiWidth = @DesktopWidth /2
$GuiHeight = @DesktopHeight /2
$TabWidth = $GuiWidth
$TabHeight = $GuiHeight

$FNameL = IniRead($SavedIni, "UserData", "FName", "")
$LNameL = IniRead($SavedIni, "UserData", "LName", "")
$ClassL = IniRead($SavedIni, "Class", "Class", "")
$ProfL = IniRead($SavedIni, "Class", "Prof", "")
;If $DateI = "" Then $DateL = _NowDate ( )
;If $DateI <> "" Then $DateL = $DateI

;Gui Start
$Gui = GuiCreate($Title, $GuiWidth, $GuiHeight, -1, -1, BitOr($GUI_SS_DEFAULT_GUI,$WS_MAXIMIZEBOX,$WS_SIZEBOX))
$OrgPos = WinGetPos($Gui)
$Tabs = GuiCtrlCreateTab(1,1,$TabWidth, $TabHeight)

;Information Tab
GuiCtrlCreateTabItem("Information Tab")
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("First Name:", 5, 40, 55)
$FName = GuiCtrlCreateInput(" ", 65, 40, 100, 15)
GuiCtrlCreateLabel("Last Name:", 5, 65, 55)
$LName = GuiCtrlCreateInput(" ", 65, 65, 100, 15)

;Introduction Tab

;Body Tab

;Bibliography Tab

;Add Tab

;Set Data
GuiCtrlSetData($FName, $FNameL)
GuiCtrlSetData($LName, $LNameL)
;Gui End
While GuiGetMsg() <> $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
$GuiPos = WinGetPos($Gui)
If $OrgPos[0] <> $GuiPos[0] Or $OrgPos[1] <> $GuiPos[1] Or $OrgPos[2] <> $GuiPos[2] Or $OrgPos[3] <> $GuiPos[3] Then 
    $OrgPos[0] = $GuiPos[0]
    $OrgPos[1] = $GuiPos[1]
    $OrgPos[2] = $GuiPos[2]
    $OrgPos[3] = $GuiPos[3]
    WinMove($Tabs, "", $OrgPos[0], $GuiPos[1], $GuiPos[2], $GuiPos[3])


;Testing (If you see this section please alert Acid Corps)

Func _Test($iVar)

I'm sure theres some little thing I'm doing wrong

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If you read help file, in GUICtrlCreateTab() remarks it says that "Default resizing is $GUI_DOCKSIZE." (which means "size will not change" as you can learn by searching for "$GUI_DOCKSIZE" in that very same help file)


$Tabs = GuiCtrlCreateTab(1,1,$TabWidth, $TabHeight)

GUICtrlSetResizing(-1, $GUI_DOCKAUTO) ;or other method of resizing instead of $GUI_DOCKAUTO.

Edited by Siao

"be smart, drink your wine"

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