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Greetings earthlings......

I need help to get a PasswordPrompt,, well the prompt isn't so hard to create,,, but let's start from the beginning.

We have a support tool where all documentations and workarounds are located on a separate microsoft share.

Since we are using a locked down system and also Zenworks and SecureLogin for storing different passwords for the user, I would like to have a script that does a "net use" to the share, the username is no problem since the user is already logged in so I can easy put in the /user:%LOGINNAME% as a varibale.

But here comes the tricky part.... (atleast for me) I would like a script to ask the user for the network password and then do the "net use" with the parameters that the loginprompt asks for (password)...

Since the SecureLOgin application will ask the user if he/she wants to save the password for this script, it will be invisible after that and the user will automatically be verified to the share with the documentation from then on. And if the user does not want to have the password stored he/she will have to enter it everytime the application is started for access to the documentation.

Is there a easy way to create this ?? :)

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