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Need help with iniwrite

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So i cant make my iniwrite work, tho it doesnt show any error message

this is what should happen:

IniWrite(@ScriptDir & ".\test.ini", "ACC", "AccName", "1")

tho it doesnt write anything in my ini. I've tried to change the iniwrite to a msgbox, and it shows up, so the iniwrite should happen :/

any1 who knows how it works? ^^

my ini looks like this:



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IniWrite(@ScriptDir & ".\test.ini", "ACC", "AccName", "1") as you stated, worked for me

..what version of Autoit are you using?

..are you looking in the script folder for the file?

.. did you try to search your computer for "test.ini"?

Normally, I dont use the period "." as you did


Man... really slow...lol

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ahh it works without the dot... ^^ sry im a bit new to this

well now i got 1 more problem that would be nice if u could solve

i want it to do this, so it writes what $accname is equal to.

IniWrite(@ScriptDir & "\test.ini", "ACC",$accname)

Im using a GUI-input, i dunno if that changes anytjing, but it goes like this:

$accname = GuiCtrlCreateInput("<AccName>",70,10,100,18)


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