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why cannot capture objects in a listbox

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Hi, All,

I plan to use AutoIt to operate our program, deatiled steps as below:

1) On main UI, it has a tab control, and there are two sub tabs ebedied.

2) On each tab, there is a listbox.

3) my purpose: use AutoIt to click the record in the listbox.

My Question:

Q1: I can get the handle of listbox, it's detailed info as below:

>>>> Control <<<<

Class: SysListView32

Instance: 2

ClassnameNN: SysListView322



Position: 5, 81

Size: 302, 260

ControlClick Coords: 57, 137

Style: 0x50000605

ExStyle: 0x00000000

But I cannot get any items in this listbox, I tried the command:

$Cnt = _Listbox_GetCount($hList)

It return "0". Seems there is not any items in this listbox. I tried to use "AutoIt Window Info" to retrieve items in the listbox, but I get nothing.

Q2: for the Tab, I can get it's handle, but cannot do any operation on it, such as: click one tab.

BTW: our company has a set of UI Lib, it is common in all programs. Per the help file, it seems that AutoIt just support Windows Standard control. I am not who can give me some suggestion how to finish this operation?

Q3: in our program, for the historical reason, we have some non-standard control enevloped by AutoIt. Seems AutoIt can do nothing for these control except using mouse operations. I hope we can enhance such feature to grasp/identify all controls in memory within on Program. NOT just cover standard controls. If so, AutoIt's usage will be rich, we can introduce it into Auto Testiong area.


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Well, first, your ClassNN is SysListView322, which means if you were to use (for example, this won't work now, but IE):

$appTitle = "My Application!"
$appText = "Welcome to my application!"

ControlSend($appTitle, $appText, SysListView322, "I'm sending it this text")

; This is the same as the line just above
ControlSend($appTitle, $appText, "[CLASSNN: SysListView322]", "I'm sending it this text")oÝ÷ ØçÜ¢êì{*.q©àzÛaz§vW¨~ØZµúèØ^
V¬°Ób*.Â+!o+¬x¢{k¢Q´v§vW±ú%,jëh×6ControlGetHandle ($appTitle, $appText, SysListView322)

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Since I cannot edit without it showing up as garbage, here is the remaining answers to your questions:

2: Have you been trying ControlClick? If that isn't working, I'm out of the game on this one.

3: If you want, you can try requesting that feature, but I'm certain it's been requested many times and it most likely is very difficult to accomplish, so you will likely get a response of, "It's been tried, and we are working on it" or "I'm sorry, but at this time, it's not in development."

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