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How to make AutoIt autopress a key

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I need that auto it press the "ò" key, not that he write the ò key e need to really send it ^^ but i'm noob with auto it and i dunno what to do.

This is what i've done

HotKeySet("+{F9}", "_Terminate"); Closing macro
While 1
    If WinActive("2Moons") Then
    Send ("ò")

Func _Terminate()

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nono this is not the problem, my keyboard have the button "ò" and with the command

send ("ò")

it write in the programm the letter ò, but i dont need to write it, i need to press it.

I explain:

if the program write "ò" i simply send a message "ò"

i need the program pressing the key "ò" so it will attack ^^

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ok dunno why but it works with every program excepet all the games i try; untile the active window is noped it send ò key, but when i change to 2moons, or anything else it doesn't hit anymore

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