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STDOUT stream - Gui not responding

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Don't allow the GUI stuff to confuse you, skip straight to the DoIt() function.

The important bits:

$ffmpeg = Run($args, @ScriptDir, @SW_HIDE, BitOr($STDERR_CHILD, $STDIN_CHILD))
HotKeySet("q", "FFmpegAbort")

while 1
    $console_out = StderrRead($ffmpeg)
    if @error then exitloop
    if GUICtrlRead($check_console_output) <> 0 then GUICtrlSetData($edit_out, $console_out)
wendoÝ÷ Øwöƥ޶ܬ¶¶¢_¢¼­Ôáy¦è®×îËb¢v®¶­sfgVæ2df×Vt&÷'B 7FFåw&FRb33c¶ff×VrÂgV÷C·gV÷C² &ö6W746Æ÷6Rb33c¶ff×Vr FôÆör5$ÄbfײgV÷C·W6W"6VçB&÷'B6öÖÖæBb333²gV÷C²fײ5$Äbfײ5$Äb¦VæFgVæ0

An that's it in a nutshell.

I haven't changed the code, and it's not really over your head, is it?



nothing is foolproof to the sufficiently talented fool..

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This process takes about 2-3 min, meanwhile my gui

turns blank and not responding. How do I get this to

work properly. And, would be nice if it was possible

to add the information from $CONSOLE_OUT into

$LIST1 = GUICtrlCreateList("", 272, 48, 217, 246, $PBS_SMOOTH, $WS_EX_WINDOWEDGE)

$GET1 = Run(@ScriptDir & '\rar.exe x "' & $RIMG & "\" & $TEST & "\" & $RARFILENAME & '.rar" ' & $MAPP, "", @SW_HIDE, BitOR($STDERR_CHILD, $STDIN_CHILD))
    While 1
        $CONSOLE_OUT = StderrRead($GET1)
        If @error Then ExitLoop
        ConsoleWrite($CONSOLE_OUT, @CRLF)

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