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Passing variables from CMD to autoit?

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Would it be possible to run an autoit program through command prompt and pass a variable to it?

For example (a youtube downloader):


c:\youtubedownloader.exe 380_BEA4nzE


...And it would set a certain variable to "380_BEA4nzE" (a Youtube video ID)? Then it would know to go and download that video to a pre-specified folder.

...I'm trying to make a web based Personal Youtube filter bypasser, and It would just be oh so much easier if I could have PHP return the Youtube Page's ID in a variable, then run shell_exec("YoutubeDownloader.au3 <video ID here>") and have the autoit script find the download link off of that page and download it automatically.

Sorry if this question sucks and/or I am an idiot.

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So long,


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