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UDF to check between two program versions

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If you run _INetUpdater() or similar functions, you probably find this UDF may help you.

Happy AutoIt to everyone!

; Description:      Check if, in two strings reporting a version number each,
;                   the first one is newer than the second
;                   eg: when comparing downloaded updates
; Syntax:           _IsFirstOneNewer($sSource, $sDest)
; Parameter(s):     $sSource
;                         eg: ''
;                   $sDest
;                         eg: ''
; Requirement(s):   $sSource and $sDest must be in the form number.number.number.number
; Return Value(s):  On Success - True or False
;                   On Failure - False and @error is set to 1
; Author:           MCP, Aristotele.Skotos, aka ...

Func _IsFirstOneNewer($sSource, $sDest) ; FYI: newer means not equal too
    Local $bRC = False, _
            $aSource = StringSplit($sSource, '.'), _
            $aDest = StringSplit($sDest, '.')

    If 4 <> $aSource[0] Or 4 <> $aDest[0] Or @NumParams <> 2 Then
        Return $bRC

    For $i = 1 To 4
        If Number($aSource[$i]) > Number($aDest[$i]) Then
            $bRC = True
    Return $bRC
EndFunc   ;==>_IsFirstOneNeweroÝ÷ Øî²×èºwm+(ëh¡«­¢+Ù}

EDIT: Added check for wrong number of parameters

EDIT: Added official UDF from <Misc.au3>

EDIT: Corrected an error in the elements number check

Edited by MCP

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