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Quick Help. Can't get the background for my GUI to disable.

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Hey, I have a quick question. I have a background picture on my GUI, but I'm supposed to have buttons and input boxes on it. But for some reason, they don't work.

When I disable the background, it works.... but i need the background. I saw you have to disable the control, and the background will still be there... but it's still not working.. Here's a little of what I have..

Func MainGui()
$maingui =GUICreate("CrewKit",240,180)
$background = GUICtrlCreatePic ("C:\Program Files\CrewKit\Bin\back.jpg", 0, 40, 240, 180)
GuiCtrlSetState($background,$GUI_DISABLE); <----------------------------- Not working. Tried '-1' instead of $background too.
[....extra GUI coding]

ps: Is there any way to make the input boxes transparent, so all that shows up is the text? (No white background input box)? Thanks.

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