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Listen for File/Event

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I'm trying to write a script that waits for a certain file to be used (it's a sound file that plays, and when that plays, I want my function to begin). It seems like it would have something to do with ProcessWait, or ProcessExists but I know the file does not show up as a process.

Anybody want to give me advice? I've been looking through the list of AutoIt functions and honestly couldn't find anything. Thanks.

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Getting a list of opened files is not easy at all. Very interesting though. Look what I found googling:


How does it work ?

OpenedFilesView uses the NtQuerySystemInformation API to enumerate all handles in the system. After filtering non-file handles, it uses a temporary device driver - NirSoftOpenedFilesDriver.sys for reading the information about each handle from the kernel memory. This device driver is automatically unloaded from the system when you exit from OpenedFilesView utility.

So I searched the forums for NtQuerySystemInformation and I found some stuff... but I simply can't understand it.

Take a look here as well:


And have this cool function by Larry <_<

Func CurrentCPU($init = 0)
    Global $liOldIdleTime = 0
    Global $liOldSystemTime = 0
    Local $SYS_BASIC_INFO = 0
    Local $SYS_TIME_INFO = 3
    $SYSTEM_BASIC_INFORMATION = DllStructCreate("int;uint;uint;uint;uint;uint;uint;ptr;ptr;uint;byte;byte;short")
    $status = DllCall("ntdll.dll", "int", "NtQuerySystemInformation", "int", $SYS_BASIC_INFO, _
            "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($SYSTEM_BASIC_INFORMATION), _
            "int", DllStructGetSize($SYSTEM_BASIC_INFORMATION), _
            "int", 0)
    If $status[0]Then Return -1
    While 1
        $SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION = DllStructCreate("int64;int[76]")
        $SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION = DllStructCreate("int64;int64;int64;uint;int")
        $status = DllCall("ntdll.dll", "int", "NtQuerySystemInformation", "int", $SYS_TIME_INFO, _
                "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION), _
                "int", DllStructGetSize($SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION), _
                "int", 0)
        If $status[0]Then Return -2
        $status = DllCall("ntdll.dll", "int", "NtQuerySystemInformation", "int", $SYS_PERFORMANCE_INFO, _
                "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION), _
                "int", DllStructGetSize($SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION), _
                "int", 0)
        If $status[0]Then Return -3
        If $init = 1 Or $liOldIdleTime = 0 Then
            $liOldIdleTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION, 1)
            $liOldSystemTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION, 2)
            If $init = 1 Then Return -99
            $dbIdleTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION, 1) - $liOldIdleTime
            $dbSystemTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION, 2) - $liOldSystemTime
            $liOldIdleTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_PERFORMANCE_INFORMATION, 1)
            $liOldSystemTime = DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_TIME_INFORMATION, 2)
            $dbIdleTime = $dbIdleTime / $dbSystemTime
            $dbIdleTime = 100.0 - $dbIdleTime * 100.0 / DllStructGetData($SYSTEM_BASIC_INFORMATION, 11) + 0.5
            Return $dbIdleTime
EndFunc   ;==>CurrentCPU

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