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A few questions about SMTP auth. and uploading files

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I am looking for a function like _INetSmtpMail but that supports SMTP authentication. (or if someone could tell me a smtp server that doest require authentication (do those even exist on the public internet anymore?!?))

Also, I was wondering if there is a function like InetGet -- but that lets you upload files to an FTP site?

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SMTP doesn't require authnetication by itself. The extension SMTP AUTH allows server to do this.

If you look in the source for the _INetSmtpMail () function you'll see where it creates starts setting up the SMTP session-

$s_Send[0] = "HELO " & $s_helo & @CRLF
If StringLeft($s_helo,5) = "EHLO " Then $s_Send[0] = $s_helo & @CRLF
$s_ReplyCode[0] = "250"
$s_Send[1] = "MAIL FROM: <" & $s_FromAddress & ">" & @CRLF
$s_ReplyCode[1] = "250"
$s_Send[2] = "RCPT TO: <" & $s_ToAddress & ">" & @CRLF
$s_ReplyCode[2] = "250"
$s_Send[3] = "DATA" & @CRLF
$s_ReplyCode[3] = "354"

Here is where you could add your AUTH command. (64 bit encoded, see qmail.jms1.net/test-auth.shtml for more detials on syntax, or Here if your using IE and the site wont let you through)

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A couple more questions about ftp.

Is there a way to make it use pasv mode?

Also, are there any UDF's that support FTP over TLS?

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