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shellexecute printer shortcuts

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Hello everybody

I have a script to execute printer shortcuts.

Unfortunatly it tells me that I didnt enter the correct parameters.

And it shows me exact the right link.

Why dont this function work?

Is it a bug?

Func shellexe()
    $Array = _FileListToArray("C:\Documents and Settings\tmuller\Desktop\printershortcuts\", '*.*' , 1)
    If Not IsArray($Array) Then MsgBox(16, 'error', 'kein Array')
    For $i = 1 To $Array[0]
        ConsoleWrite("C:\Documents and Settings\tmuller\Desktop\printershortcuts\" & $Array[$i] & @CRLF)
        ShellExecute("C:\Documents and Settings\tmuller\Desktop\printershortcuts\" & $Array[$i])



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What kind of files are in this folder?

"C:\Documents and Settings\tmuller\Desktop\printershortcuts\"

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