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how to make script choose from two parametrs in combo box?

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I am trying to automate a Latvian program.

Im runing setup.exe and then appears a combo box where I can chose between two languages - Latvian and English. What I have to do to make script choose the Latvian Language?

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read about controlsend() and controlclick() -> commands mate.

or even about send() command to automate a keyboard press to choose for ya.

the lamest but the easiest way is to:

send({DOWN}{ENTER})oÝ÷ Úíç(®·¶Ø¦zØZ·§v)¢.¤ô²¢çëjëh×6if WinExists("window's title") then send({DOWN}{ENTER})

to get the state of the window you want and then send the command.

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christ that's realy from a scratch!!!

- the "title" thing should be the title of that window you wish to control... and not title...

- about the variants:

$var1 = "Choose language: English"
$var2 = "Choose language: Hebrew"
$var3 = "Choose another language"
;these are variable for the title of the window !!! and not for the combo control...

if WinExists($var1) then send({DOWN}{ENTER})
;if the title changes upon choosing another language in the combo you can send in advance a multiple number of presses. eg: 3 down clicks then enter:
if WinExists($var2) then send({DOWN}{DOWN}{DOWN}{ENTER})

i think this is more then enough -> read AU3 help file for alot of explanations and examples!!!

AU3 is easy... probably too ez!

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