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Do it is possibile a function to test if sound volume is mute or not?

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I think there's no way to know if the master volume has been set to mute. If it works for you, you could use Volly's Audio.au3 and do something like this:

#include <Audio.au3>
If $Vol=0 Then MsgBox(0,"","It's mute")

This will only work if your master volume is set to 0, not mute.

Put 'help with audio functions' in the description of your thread so users who know how this works can help better.

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Ty, it is good; but i would to knows the volume status after use of


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Hi Guys,

Or, the other way around:

I would like to check if audio is muted, If it's not, send {VOLUME_MUTE}, else, leave is as it is.

I'm working on a script that spawns a lot of messages (1 every second), whitch "bongs" the

default Windows sound. This is realy anoying.. so I put a Send("{VOLUME_MUTE}") at

the beginning (whitch should mute audio) and another Send("{VOLUME_MUTE}") at the

end, whitch sould restore the audio to not-muted... unless... the user has already muted

the audio. In that case my script actually ENABLES audio, and mutes back at the end of the script.

Here's wat I would like: at the beginning of the script, I would like to save the current state of muting

(like 0=muted, 1=not muted) and then if $muteState=1, mute the audio.

At the end of the script, restore the mute state saved earlier...

Can anyone help?




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I think you can check the mute status through some strange api calls. i went cross-eyed when I saw them.

Here's a crude way to check if audio is muted:

winwait("Volume Control")
$mute_query= ControlCommand ("Volume Control","","[TEXT:&Mute all]","IsChecked" )
If $mute_query=1 Then
    msgbox(1,"","Audio is muted.")
    msgbox(1,"","Audio isn't muted.")

Alternatively with _SoundGetMasterVolume(), you can store the current setting, set the volume to 0, then restore the setting when the script is done.

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