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ISO a Gui, with a input line..

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Hello guys.

Im in search of a script(a Autoit3 GUI) which should have a input line(like inputbox).It should be possible to check if the insered word is correct.

I actually want to protect a script with a password.

I always did it this way:

$pwcheck=inputbox("Test","Insert PW")

if $pwcheck="123" Then

msgbox(64,"Test","Test-Tool will start now")




But now I want a thing like this,but the only reason to make a gui for this is, that i wanna have a pic included(in the GUI), so i cant use inputbox-way anymore.

I hope u can help me :/

Thank you in advance,


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So long,


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Create a GUI, perhaps with koda, using InputBoxes (refer to above post), and also a button. then use GuiCtrlRead() to read the input box, and use the same technique to check it...

$Password = GuiCtrlRead($Input1)

If $Password = "123mypassword" Then

MsgBox(0,"Correct!","Correct Password!")


MsgBox(0,"Incorrect!","Incorrect Password!")


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