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Return value of functions

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I have finished my first Autoit script.

It opens an explorer window, type a login/password, executes a query and logout.

Now, that everything is working properly, I need to set some error handlers.

In a normal script language I would check the result of each function call.

How should I do in Autoit?

For example:

WinWaitActive("GPD - Windows Internet Explorer","http://gpden.site.com.br/logout.asp")

How can I check if the window really appeared as expected? How do I set a maximum waiting time for this call?

Thank you for reading.

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need to just check the return values for each Function you use WinWaitActive is:

Return Value

Success: Returns 1.

Failure: Returns 0 if timeout occurred.

so ur check would be somethin like

$Timeout = 30000
$val = WinWaitActive("GPD - Windows Internet Explorer","http://gpden.site.com.br/logout.asp",$Timeout)
If $val = 0 Then MsgBox (0,"ERROR","WinWaitActive")

Return Values and Extended Style controls like Timeout for WinWaitActive are all Available in the Helpfile

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You have a good example from ofLight. Read the help file for each function you want error checking on. Some return 0 for an error, others return -1, still others don't indicate error that way at all but set the @error macro instead. So keep in mind it depends on the function you are checking.


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