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ScreenCapture.au3 and A3LScreenCap.au3 problems

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If im run that script in AutoIt Beta

#include <ScreenCapture.au3>
_ScreenCapture_Capture(@MyDocumentsDir & "\Test.jpg")oÝ÷ Øh¯x-«^®º+Ov>º ­©W¬Óݺڷ}=Ù·­kOv"w%¹×´÷a ùn±«·÷OoÝ÷ Øh¯x-«^®º+±«­¢+ÙèÀäÈíAɽɴ¥±ÌÀäÈíÕѽ%ÐÌÀäÈí%¹±ÕÀäÈíÍ11¥ÉÉä¹ÔÌ äÀ°ÐĤè]I9%9èÀÌØíÑ  %Q5A%9

And if im use Beta AutoIt giving that error : ERROR: can't open include file <A3LScreenCap.au3>

Edited by Jex

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I can't edit my post have like that ascii codes :

oÝ÷ Øh¯x-«^®º+Ov>º ­©W¬Óݺڷ}=Ù·­kOv"w%¹×´÷a ùn±«·÷OoÝ÷ Øh¯x-«^®º+±«­¢+ÙèÀäÈíAɽɴ¥±ÌÀäÈíÕѽ%ÐÌÀäÈí%¹±ÕÀäÈíÍ11¥ÉÉä¹ÔÌ äÀ°ÐĤè]I9%9èÀÌØíÑ   %Q5A%9<èÁ½ÍÍ¥±äÕͽɱÉÑ¥½¸¸(ÀÌØíÑ    5$ô±±MÑÉÕÑ
<_< Edited by Jex

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Keep up with the beta, Jon fixed pointer addition/subtraction which fixed this problem

With the new beta the problem is always the same with these Error when compiling

C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(90,32) : ERROR: _tagBITMAPINFOHEADER(): undefined function.
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(91,28) : ERROR: _tagGetSize(): undefined function.
  $iBIH = _tagGetSize($tBIH)
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(92,26) : ERROR: _tagBITMAPINFO(): undefined function.
  $tBMI = _tagBITMAPINFO()
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(93,27) : ERROR: _tagGetPtr(): undefined function.
  $pBMI = _tagGetPtr($tBMI)
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(94,35) : ERROR: _tagSetData(): undefined function.
  _tagSetData($tBMI, "Size", $iBIH)
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(96,36) : ERROR: _tagGetData(): undefined function.
  $iW = _tagGetData($tBMI, "Width" )
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(107,38) : ERROR: _tagBYTEARRAY(): undefined function.
  $tBuf = _tagBYTEARRAY($iW * $iH * 3)
C:\Program Files\AutoIt3\beta\Include\A3LScreenCap.au3(111,32) : ERROR: _tagBITMAPFILEHEADER(): undefined function.
Edited by LOULOU

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