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How to tell if a window has been opened..?

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I want a function that will alert you when a window has been opened. Like, for instance I open Mozilla, a message box will pop up and say "A window called 'Google - Mozilla Firefox' has been opened"

I started one, but I'm just not good enough in Autoit to finish it... I'd really appreciate some help. Also, I'd like one that alerts when a window is closed, but I should be able to do that if someone can finish this one up. Thanks...

(I'll comment this code so you can make more sense of it)

$windows = WinList() ; Original list of windows for comparison 

While 1 
    Sleep(250) ; Just to pause the script a little
    $return = newWindowOpened($windows) ; Calls the function, $return will either be an array or 0
    $windows = WinList() ; Refresh the current list of windows
    If IsArray($return) Then ; If new windows were found
        For $i = 1 to $return[0] ; $return[0] is the number of new windows
            MsgBox(0, "", $return[$i]) ; Output each new window's title

Func newWindowOpened(ByRef $oWArray)
    ;$timer = TimerInit() ; To test the efficiency of my function, not very good, ~250mS...
    $tempArray = WinList() ; Get current windows
    Dim $newWindows[$tempArray[0][0] + 1] ; Dim an array with the maximum amount of new windows (the amount of currently open windows, + 1 for $newWindows[0], which is the number of new windows
    $newWindows[0] = 0 ; We haven't found any new windows yet
    For $i = 1 to $tempArray[0][0] ; Run through all the new windows
        $found = 0 ; The window is new so far
        For $j = 1 to $oWArray[0][0] ; Run through the old windows
            If $tempArray[$i][1] = $oWArray[$j][1] Then ; If the new window's handle is found in the list of old handles...
                $found = 1 ; The window is no longer marked 'new'
                ExitLoop ; Leave 'for' loop now to save time
                If $found == 0 Then ; If the handle wasn't found, it's new
                $newWindows[0]+=1 ; Add one to the amount of new windows
                $newWindows[$newWindows[0]] = $tempArray[$i][0] ; Store the window's handle
    ;MsgBox(0, "", "This function took: " & TimerDiff($timer) & " milliseconds")
    If $newWindows[0] <> 0 Then ; If windows were found
        Return $newWindows ; Return the array
        Return 0

This script works, kinda, but it's slow, therefor some windows slip passed...

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@ magician13134

Are you looking for just - Mozilla Firefox windows being opened or?

[font="Verdana"]Valik:Get it straight - I'm not here to say please, I'm here to help - if my help's not appreciated then lotsa luck, gentlemen.[/font]

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The problem I perceive with a function/script like this is that there are LOTS of windows open at one time that aren't normal windows, or that are hidden, etc. A lot of the time when you open one program that appears to only have one window, several windows are created. For example: Every tooltip is it's own window, and every tooltip's shadow, is again it's own window.

Just some stuff to keep in mind.

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@Generator - No, because in the program I'm using it, it will not be called every millisecond. The function itself takes 250mS to complete the two for loops

@Sardith - No, all programs

@Saunders - Well... that makes it harder...

Is there any Windows dll call or anything that will alert me of something like this? Thanks

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