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ArraySearch and Variable Array Lines

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What I would like to do, is parse the html inside the body tag of a website, split it into an array, then trim off some extra and convert it to a number. The number I want is always in the same place on the line, but not always in the same place in the array.

What I tried to do (Excuse the sloppy coding :blush:) was... Read the html, split it, search the array for a word that only appears once on the site which is right beside the number, then use that line number as a variable thats further parsed to remove some lines from the left, then the right, and finally converted to a number.

This all works if I reset $MHP2 = $MHP[$MHP6] to $MHP2 = $MHP[36] or whichever array line "mon" is on, but doesnt work if I want it to find itself.

$sHTML = _IEBodyReadHTML($oIE)
$MHP = StringSplit($sHTML, @CR)
$MHP7 = _ArraySearch($MHP, "mon", 0, 0, 0, True)
$MHP6 = Number($MHP7)
$MHP2 = $MHP[$MHP6]
$MHP3 = StringTrimLeft($MHP2, 42)
$MHP4 = StringTrimRight($MHP3, 21)
$MHP5 = Number($MHP4)

$MHP2 = $MHP[$MHP6]

"Array variable subscript badly formatted"

Is there any way to do what I'm aiming for? Or perhaps other function names I could look at?

Thanks for halp :P

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Maybe you could try this approach

; demonstration to find chracters that change between to standard points
; or just find a string
#include <IE.au3>
#include <String.au3>

#Region --- IE-Builder generated code Start ---

$oIE = _IECreate("about:blank", 0, 0)

;------------- User input --------------
_IENavigate ($oIE, "http://www.autoitscript.com/") ; web address
$Find = "Welcome to the " ; my info shows after this line... or just find this line
$Before = "- the home "    ; my info shows before this line... or set as ""
; ------------ End User input -------------

$body = _IEBodyReadHTML($oIE)
$sloc = @TempDir & "\test.txt"
FileWrite($sloc, $body)
$sfile = FileOpen($sloc, 0)
$num = 0

While 2
    $num = $num + 1
    $sline = FileReadLine($sfile, $num)
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(262208, "Fail", "The string was NOT found   ")
    If StringInStr($sline, $Find) Then
        MsgBox(64, "Success", "The string " & $Find & " was found    " & @CRLF & " on line # " & $num, 5)
        If $Before = "" Then ExitLoop
        $Found = _StringBetween($sline, $Find, $Before)
        MsgBox(64, "Found", "The string is " & $Found[0] & "    ", 5)

#EndRegion --- IE-Builder generated code End ---



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