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is this possible? udf => hotkey

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i im really buzzie with a program for a game to combine several letters with a ohter letter so it has quicker effect and i dont have to press al other things

like when i press 'j' it also presses 'j' and 'l' after it (am already helped with that problem thx)

but now it was wondering if this was possible

you can combine a udf with a hotkey like this

HotKeySet("j", "loadkeys_j")

func loadkeys_j()
$var = "j"

HotKeySet($var, "loadkeys_" & $var)
EndFuncoÝ÷ Ù»­È­¦,¹^¶nµ«­«Ú®&è§Ø§j-ì¥G¢Z+ QtÓM,¥©ì·)^

any ideas or isnt it possible because if it is i would save me some 500 lines :P



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i think it will work i will try if it works i am gonna really thank you :P

thx already ;)


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