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Make sure that each new value has a different key

IniWrite("C:\Temp\myfile.ini", "section", "key1", "this is a new value1")
IniWrite("C:\Temp\myfile.ini", "section", "key2", "this is a new value2")
IniWrite("C:\Temp\myfile.ini", "section", "key3", "this is a new value3")

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Use this:

Func _IniWrite($s_filename, $s_section, $s_key, $s_value)
    IniWrite($s_filename, $s_section, $s_key, IniRead($s_filename, $s_section, $s_key, "") & $s_value)
EndFunc   ;==>_IniWrite

Edit: Bug deleted

Works like magic. Thank you so much.

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