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FileOpen/FileSave customizer

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This little app will allow you to customize this:

Posted Image

You can add personal folders or disable the places bar.

Posted Image

It supports the following special folders:

  • My Documents
  • Recycle Bin
  • My Network Places
  • Favourites
  • Desktop
  • Internet Explorer

It is possible to add more, but it's pointless.



->It is very important that you replace the following strings with the equivalents in your language:

"My Computer"

"Recycle Bin"

"My Network Places"

Note: These appear more than once.

If you don't do it, it'll screw up. Luckily, it's fixed by just pressing "Reset To Default"

->It hasn't been tested on WinXP or Vista. Results may differ.

Here's the source:


Previous downloads: 28

Thanks to theguy0000 for the idea ;)

And, as always, I'd love it if you could test it and give me some feedback :P

Edited by Nahuel

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Thanks guys!

I added a 'Test' button... unfortunately, it can only be used once ;) The new registry values are not read again until the app is restarted. I'll try to think of a workaround :P

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