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Script CRUSH ! please help :(

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well... my script is too log to be placed in here, but i have this very specific error reported by windows that i'd realy like to know it's meaning !!!

just before my program used to work almost perfectly but then yesterday i've noticed there is a new version of AU3 out so i've deccided to try it out... well it seems like it is mearly an improvement but if a real mess !!! as most of the new UDFs are poorly explained not to mention exapled !!! I mean, the greatest thing about AU3 is the simplified and vast explanation for any of the commands ... that's kinda ruined now...

anyhow, i've tried converting my script to be workable through the new AU3 changes and as i've changed all of the GUICTRLLISTVIEW functions once i'm done and got it into a somewhat working condition the program gives me the crush while in one of these functions, i can't tell which one exactly since it doesn't give any AU3 Error but a windows one!

a picture is attached !


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Try downgrading to thats what i had to do... And the picture of your software looks nice, hope to see it fixed up and on the AutoIT example scripts, but if it's P2P the members might not like it, once i posted a warez program, and they warned me and removed it, but if you want some help you can email me the soucre ddbdustback@aim.com but i'm not asking for soucre ...( if you don't already know, thats not allowed, valik will give a 3 day ban for that)...

Wish i could help more...


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