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Need help

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I need help ppls ^_^

Its not a realy big problem but...

There :

Func bot()
    If WinActive("METIN2") Then
        $b = Chr(121)
        $o = 1
        Send(" {& $b &} ")
        $o = $o + 1
        Until $o = 0

How to make this funktion to push Y always in game.... I wanna to make that my gold that monsters drop will be taken automatic. Hotkey for taking Gold and other stuff is Y in game, so how can i put it in Funktion ??? thx :)

Forgot : It must push Y again and again, so is it good to use Do - Until for it ?

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Noone ??? ^_^:) plz, realy need

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Your request was a little lacking

try this

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "_Terminate")
HotKeySet("{1}", "_Bot")

While 1

Func _Bot()
    If WinActive("METIN2") Then Send("{Y 4}") ;Presses the Y key 4 times
EndFunc   ;==>_bot

Func _Terminate ()
    Exit 0
EndFunc   ;==>_Terminate

Best I can do without knowing what you are asking. (all found in help file in min for a newbie)

;I didn't test this btw since I don't have METIN2 and your non informative question didn't seem to warrant an adaptation. -you should ways give more work in detail than you expect in return.

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