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Slider for current position Win Media Player

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I am working on a script that combines wmv files and allows a user to mark them and export the marked sections and burn it to cd. I am able to play the WMV file in the GUI with Windows Media Player but the controls do not function on the window. Seeing who is using this I would rather use the controls built into media player is there a way to enable them. Here is what I have for the player function.

Func _LoadCase($url)
    $oRPEvt = ObjEvent($oRP,"MediaPlayer_")
    With $oRP
        .fullScreen = True
        .windowlessVideo = False
        .stretchToFit = True
        .URL = $url
        .enableContextMenu = True
        .enabled = True
        .Controls.currentPosition = 0
        .uiMode = "full"
        .settings.autostart = True
        .settings.mute = False
        .settings.volume = 50
        .settings.Balance = 0
        .enableContextMenu = True

I enabled the context menu on it but that is not working either. I am using OnEvents for the GUI incase that helps with the problem.

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