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How to loop

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what i trying to do is a weapon switch, quite a manual script as im a noob in coding.

Sleep(5000) - 5 secs - during this time, i execute the script from desktop n quickly switch to my game

send("1") - char is holding existing weapon A, switch to weapon B in slot 1

Sleep(200) - wait .02 sec

send("2") - skill which can only be executed by weapon B

Sleep(5000) - wait 5 sec for execution of skill from slot 2

send("3") - switch back to weapon A

Sleep(200) - wait .02 sec

send("4") - skill which can only be executed by weapon A.

Sleep(30000) - wait 300 secs, then start loop.

i want this script to loop after 300seconds. Kindly advice. Thanks in advance.

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