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Controls from one GUI on the second GUI

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I got this:

#cs ----------------------------------------------------------------------------

 AutoIt Version:
 Author:         Eise van der Spoel

 Script Function:
    Foto's bekijken voor de kerk

#ce ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
#include <GUIConstants.au3>
#include <File.au3>
#Include <Array.au3>
Dim $fotoArray
Global $Filter = "*.jpg"
Global $ShowGUI,$MainGUI
Global $Title = "Foto Show v1.0"

Func _MainGUI()
    Local $_MainGUIW = 415
    Local $_MainGUIH = 55
    $MainGUI = GuiCreate($Title,$_MainGUIW,$_MainGUIH)
    $map = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Map",1,2,40)
    $start = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Start",45,2,40)
    $stop = GuiCtrlCreateButtoN("Stop",90,2,40)
    $vorige = GuiCtrlCreateButton("<",145,2,20)
    $volgende = GuiCtrlCreateButton(">",170,2,20)
    $pauze = GuiCtrlCreateButton("||",195,2,20)
    $sluiten = GuiCtrlCreateButton("Sluiten",$_MainGUIW - 49,2,40)
    While 1
        $msg = GuiGetMsg()
        Switch $msg
        Case $map
            $photo_folder = FileSelectFolder("", "", 1)
            If @Error=1 Then
                MsgBox (0,"","No Files\Folders Found.")
        Case $start
            if WinExists("fotoshow") Then
        Case $stop
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE,$sluiten
            Exit 0

Func _Openshow()
    Local $_ShowGUIW = @DesktopWidth
    Local $_ShowGUIH = @DesktopHeight
    Local $_logoW = 535
    Local $_logoH = 535
    $ShowGUI = GuiCreate("fotoshow",$_ShowGUIW,$_ShowGUIH,0,0,$WS_POPUP)
    GUICtrlCreatePic("logogkv.jpg",($_ShowGUIW - $_logoW)/2,($_ShowGUIH - $_logoH)/2,$_logoW,$_logoH)

Func _hidebar()
    GuiSetState($ShowGUI,@SW_HIDE )

How can i control the second GUI with the buttons from the first GUI?

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Switches the current window used for GUI functions.

GUISwitch ( winhandle [, tabitemID] )


winhandle: The handle of the window to switch to.

tabitemID: ControlID of the tabitem control to be selected.

Return Value

Success: Returns the handle of the previously current.

Failure: Returns a NULL handle.


Many of the GUI specific functions work on the "current" window - this is usually the last window created with GUICreate. This function allows you to make another window "current". That's does not mean that the referenced window will become active. You have to use WinActivate.

Using the tabitemID allow to create new control in the specified tabitem control. Don't forget to close tabitem definition GuiCtrlCreateTabItem("")

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Don't feel too bad; I've been using AutoIT for almost a year now and there are still functions that I don't exactly recall how to use. The Autoit3.CHM file is almost always open on my 2nd monitor when I'm building a brand new AutoIT script.

Case in point: I knew exactly what you needed, but I couldn't remember the command :) Typed in GUI into search and recognized the command in the list of topic results...

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