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Noob - Automatic ctrl+a

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Hi everybody,

I would like to find a way to help me in a game. Actually, I would like that my computer does "ctrl+a" every 15sec until I decide to stop it.

actually that's it but I really have no clue with the software. I have just seen that I should probably do it with it.

If someone can help me to write the code, that will be so nice...

Thank you very much !

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Welcome to the forums. just an observation:

- you have posted in the old Version AutoIt2 forum. shouldn't that be the AutoIt3 forum ?

- Have you installed the software and looked at the helpfile that came with it ?

- Have you tried to search for your answer before posting because I think this must have been asked a zillion times before?

Moved to te correct forum :)

SciTE4AutoIt3 Full installer Download page   - Beta files       Read before posting     How to post scriptsource   Forum etiquette  Forum Rules 
Live for the present,
Dream of the future,
Learn from the past.

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sorry for the mistake about the old version...I loose my mind lol

Actually, I have installed the software but it's like a chinese paper for me :-D

Thank you both...I'll check the links and if I have problems, I'll let you know...

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Here you go. This will press control+a with a 15 second interval, to stop, press ESC.

HotKeySet("{ESC}", "Stop") ;script can be stopped by pressing ESC

Sleep(5000) ;wait some time before starting the control+a cycle, to allow the user to navigate to the correct window

While 1 ;repeat endlessly
  Send("^a") ;simluate control+a keypress
  Sleep(15000) ;wait 15 seconds
WEnd ;repeat

Func Stop() ;to allow the script to stop
  Exit ;same
EndFunc ;same

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